TENA Introductory Material

This page provides access to some introductory information concerning the Test and Training Enabling Architecture (TENA). The material accessed from this page is publicly releasable.

Additional project information requires a TENA account (request account or login here).




TENA Illustrative Overview Animation

Click on icon below to start flash animation that provides an illustrative overview of the TENA project.



TENA Overview Papers, Briefings, and Articles

The TENA overview papers and briefings provide some overview material concerning the TENA project. This material is a good place to begin to learn about TENA.

TENA Fact Sheets

The TENA fact sheets provide a 1-2 page summary of some TENA relevant event, activity, or product. If your activity is doing something "fact sheet" worthy, send us a note at feedback@tena-sda.org. For the most recent list of available fact sheets, please see the Fact Sheet Master List (Updated 2015-09-25).

Overview Fact Sheets

Event Fact Sheets

Tool Fact Sheets

Other Noteworthy Uses of TENA

TENA Technical Publications

TENA License and Compliance

TENA Certification & Accreditation (C&A)

TENA Assessment and Authorization information and documents are posted here.

TENA Logos

Access to TENA logos can be found on the logo page.