(warning) — Due to website transition, the web space that you are attempting to access has been relocated:



Website Transition


Please note that during the transition period, the tena-sda.org and trmc.osd.mil websites will maintain two separate website account mechanisms.  Content and capabilities will be migrated during the transition period and users will need accounts on both sites. Content and capabilities that have not been migrated are still accessible through the login page for the tena-sda.org website for those users with existing accounts:

Users with existing tena-sda.org website accounts can login to the trmc.osd.mil website using the following links. Username and password will be the same as the tena-sda.org website, although the password may have expired and need to be reset.

New users must request account through the trmc.osd.mil website (and tena-sda.org account will be manually created):

Refer to the website transition page for more information: https://www.trmc.osd.mil/display/TRMC/Website+Transition.

Contact web@trmc.osd.mil if website assistance is required.